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The canteen ordering system concept was born one day at a Sydney school when Abder Bloul saw how food was wasted due to miscounting, and the huge amount of unnecessary repetitive work that the volunteers had to put in.

School24 (Formerly Scamps) started as a community project inside a school canteen and as an idea to help solve some of the challenging problems that many school canteens were facing.

This humble idea saved many parents and volunteers hundreds of hours spent in

School24 is a online ordering system that was born in 2007 at a primary school in Sydney’s north where the time consuming and repetitive jobs of manual order tallying and cash counting were among the issues that faced so many, not to mention the large amount of food wastage that arose as a byproduct of human miscalculation and a limited number of volunteers to do such work.

At the time computers were becoming more affordable and the internet was beginning to gain more popularity, thus, development of a web application that automated many of the tedious processes involved in counting and preparing student lunch orders seemed almost obvious to founder Abder Bloul who explains

“I always believed in giving back to the community, and created School24 to help school volunteers, parents and kids.”

Turning this idea into a sustainable business was a necessity as we started to grow. With growth comes other challenges and Abder and his team understood that the people who process and prepare these orders, whether they are paid staff or volunteers, could not afford to be, yet again, slowed down by inconveniences such as slow servers or a website that’s too complicated to navigate. Thus over the years through careful and precise testing and customer feedback, parents, guardians and kids alike have all become part of a smooth and stress-free ordering experience.

Since its beginning, what started as a little project has expanded into something much more with a forever ‘can do’ attitude. School24 has grown to now also provide a set of online ordering tools for parents and schools that extend beyond the canteen.

Today, Schools use School24 online platform for lunch ordering, Uniform ordering, Managing volunteers online, Selling bus tickets, Selling events tickets, Christmas trees fund-raising, End of year parents cocktail parties, booking swimming lessons and more. Being the most flexible and affordable provider around, School24 can work with any school to automate any manual process and turn it into an easy to use, stress free online solution. If it can be done online, School24 will do it for you!

School24, Australia's first 100% web based online ordering system for school canteens has over the years helped many schools do more with less, and saved time for parents and school volunteers. Fewer products are now wasted, time is saved and the huge amount of unnecessary repetitive work that volunteers used to have to put in is minimised, with the entire process, now a whole lot simpler.

From all at the School24 team we thank you for coming on our journey with us.



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  • FREE for parents
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  • No Joining Fee
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  • FREE for parents
  • Affrodable for schools
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Locking contract


  • FREE for parents
  • Affrodable for schools
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Locking contract


  • FREE for parents
  • Affrodable for schools
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Locking contract