Refunds And Return Policy

We want you to love our products and enjoy your ordering experience with us.

On this page you will find details about how the refunds work.

1. School24 Fees for Schools

School24 may charge a joining fee to the school facility provider as outlined in the fees guide.

School24 offers a 3 months joining fee money back guarantee to any school or provider if they decide to cancel their contract within the first 3 months of using the system.

After the 3 months period, the joining fee cannot be refunded.

2. School24 Fees for Parents

School24 charges a fee for the convenience of using its user friendly online ordering system. The details of these fees are given to schools when they join.

Order fees are refunded when an order is cancelled.

Credit card fees are not refunded since they are charged to us by the PaymentGateway provider.

3. Order Cancellation and Refund

An order can be cancelled through the system before the cut-off day and time. After the cut-off day/time, the customer must contact School24 customer service to arrange for an order cancellation. School24 can only cancel an order if the food provider agrees

4. Parents Top-up Refund

The remaining balance as shown in the parent's portal can be refunded on request.

School24 can only refund this amount if the funds are still held by School24 and have not yet been transferred to the school or the third party provider.

If the funds have already been transffered to the school or to the third party provider, parents must contact the school or the provider to request a refund.